Portable Karaoke Amplifier/Speaker--PAS-2024


Product Specification ( View demo video below )

Product  Description

    Sound System of TV and 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound home theatres are specifically designed for their sound charity, hence, good for watching movies and listening to music only. These sound systems are with the surround effect, you will sing with delay and feedback. not designed for Karaoke singing because they provide no “bass” and "treble".  

The first design of a Pro. Amp/Speaker for singing purpose in a wood cabinet is 

PAS-2019. Throughout  the past four years, the Speaker has been upgraded and enhanced in Sound Quality and Wireless Microphone pick-up, as reflected in the past Models: PAS-2021, PAS-2022, PAS-2022/3, PAS-2023 and now PAS-2024 with "RECORDING FUNCTION". This year, PAS-2024 is the latest design and the best of its kind as a Professional  Portable Amp/Speaker for singing purpose.

The total power output is 300 Watts..