K-Pad G & M(Disc Version)


Product Specification ( View demo video below )

Unique Features

  • Portable Karaoke System, Integrated with a 9″ LCD Monitor

  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, Can be used POWER CORD FREE for about 3 hours after fully charged.

  • Complete Karaoke Functions, with 2 Mic Inputs, Echo, Key, MPX and Music Volume Controls.

  • Support SD Card (up to 128GB) for you to store and play up to 6,000 MP3+G songs and 600 MTV songs of your favorite, downloaded or copied by yourself.

  • Support  USB 2TB External Hard Drive for you to store and play up to 95,000 MP3+G or 9,500 MTV songs (Each song has its own video background)

  • Special Key-Board Type Remote Control .

  • Can RECORD your singing from CD+G music to MP3+G format .

  •  Video Input Function: It is the singer’s VIDEO MONITOR for an external player.