The karaoke songs you want to sing are normally available in VCD, CD+G or in DVD discs.
VCD are compressed discs because the moving video background and a vocal in one channel occupy more memory space. Due to memory compression (MPEG), the instrumental in the sound track are inevitably compressed. When played out and amplified, the instrumental are hardly clear but blur.

      Unlike VCD, CD+G discs are uncompressed because no moving video background has been recorded.When played out, the instrumental are just music CD quality, plus the lyrics on the screen. Therefore, CD+G in often called Performance Track or Instrumental Track.

      With the relatively high production cost of CD+G/VCD, as technology rapidly advances, very few,
if not none, music companies will make these discs any more!

      A new format has emerged called MP3+G. This format takes advantage of the popular MP3 audio music accessible from internet sites and digitally compressed, with addition of the lyric. MP3+G quality
is very close to that of CD+G but one USB of 16GB can store up to 4,000 MP3+G songs, compared to
only 14 CD+G songs in one disc.

      With the development of computer software, enabling the conversion of CD+G to MP3+G, from
now on, all karaoke songs and new releases will likely be popularized in MP3+G format.

      New models of karaoke machines must be designed to be able to read MP3+G songs.

      Our Hard Drive Karaoke Machine(HDD-2012B) and our Absolutely Portable Karaoke Machine
(K-Pad G) are new models that can read MP3+G.