Trade-up for Karaoke Jukebox Midi Machines

       Simply, in the Trade-up, you surrender an old machine (obsolete model, broken or not, out of warranty or not, used a lot or not been used at all), and we give you the latest model, brand new, direct from the factory and with one year warranty.  You just pay the difference between the Regular Price of the new machine and the “Buy Back Assigned Value, $200.00 of your old machine.

       For some promotion items, Special Upgrade Privilege may be offered to our members. Members are requested to call in for details.


Trade-up for Wireless Microphone Systems and Karaoke Sound Systems

       Trade-up is conducted in the same manner as in the Trade-up for Karaoke Jukebox Midi Machines outlined above except that the residual value assigned to your used Wireless Microphone System or Sound System is 35% of your original purchasing price.