Introducing K-Pad Karaoke (Midi)

      K-PAD stands for Karaoke-Pad. For computer, you have I - Pad. For Karaoke, it is the K-Pad. It is a complete karaoke system, integrated with a 9" LCD monitor, in the form of a book pad, portable and light-weight (less than 1.5kg).

      It is the WORLD's FIRST innovative design, specially developed for you to enjoy singing indoor as well as anywhere outdoor! You can have Backyard Karaoke, Park Karaoke or even Travelling Bus Karaoke.

      K-Pad is operated through rechargeable lithium batteries. After fully charged, it can be used Power Cord Free for 3 hours.


Carry it Anywhere, Sing Angwhere! 


      K-Pad (Midi) CAN PLAY DVD, VCD, and CD+G discs, USB (up to 32GB) and SD Card (up to 32GB).

      K-Pad (Midi) is provided with 1 MIDI Disc, Specially recorded with about 10,000 Midi songs. (7,000 English, 2,300 Philippine, and other languages), including 622 Gospel, 29 Christmas and 49 Children Songs.

      For English, there are 1,800 MPX Songs with Vocal which can be removed. For Phillippine, there are 300 MPX Vocal Songs.

      In case your favorite song is not found in the Midi Music, you may still play the disc that contains the song or you may download your song or copy your song into the USB/SD Card and play it in the K-Pad (Midi).

      You may also Record your singing from the Midi music into the USB/SD Card. The recorded song will be in MP3 format. You can now make your own CD with the USB/SD Card through your own PC.

      With all the Midi songs in the Special Disc and your favorite songs stored in a USB/SD Card, carry it to the party, connect it to another TV screen and power amplifier, you can now perform your singing professionally .

      Now, watch our Demo Video and Shop!