Product Specification ( View demo video below )

Product Description

This is our innovative design of karaoke product in the year 2019, in accordance with our product design commitment

in the karaoke industry : If you want to sing, we have what you need.

The Model No. of this Machine is BMWM-1920.
B stands for Bluetooth. Briefly speaking, Bluetooth is referred to short-range wireless connection in audio frequency between two electronic devices. 

If your own favorite songs are saved in your smartphone, iPad, or PC and you already have an amplifier, you can connect (pair ) your music device to this machine, and you can sing !You need this ! 

M stands for Mixer. A Mixer is a equipment which 

provides echo and microphone inputs so that your vocal and music can be mixed together and channelled out to the speakers. 

If you have a Player and an Amplifier without any microphone input, you need this Mixer to sing. In such case, you need this! 

WM stands for Wireless Microphone. Apart from being a Bluetooth device and a Mixer, it is a Wireless Microphone System with two UHF Frequencies. Operating distance can be about 100 m. 

Whether you have a karaoke machine or just a player and if you want to sing as free as a bird, you also need this!