Touch Screen Karaoke System


Product Specification ( View demo video below )

1.   Built-in 2TB Hard Drive, latest compression/decoding technology to save 50,000 MTV Songs.
2.   Separate Hard Drives (different languages) for your choice
3.   Songs in the Hard Drive are synchronized with the software for searching and playing out.
4.   Songs in the Hard Drive can be deleted to gain space for adding in other songs.
5.   Songs in the “Cloud” can be downloaded to the Hard Drive via WIFI.
6.   Songs in the “Cloud” include mainly Mandarin / Cantonese / Taiwanese / English songs / Vietnamese /
      Thai /  Malaysian songs.
7.   Songs downloaded from internet to USB can be played out in this machine or transferred to the Hard Drive.
8.   Built-in Youtube for searching songs to play.
9.   HDMI Output (To TV).
10.   RCA Audio Out/In (To Karaoke Amp/Speaker).
11.  Optical/Internet Output.
12.   Key control.
13.   Phone pairing for operating in your phone.
13.   Recording your singing.
14.  Pillar Stand.
15.  Comes with Karaoke Sound Bar & built-in 2 wireless microphones.
16.  One year Warranty against manufacturer's defects.
17.  After sales technical support.